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9 Most Common Blogging Mistakes: How To Avoid Them!

Writing has become one of the most tangible ways to express and share ideas over time. People used to write on rocks, then on paper, and now they typed on keyboards. Blogs are one way people can write to each other on the internet.

According to blogging wizard, between 70 and 80% of all people who use the internet read blog posts, making it the most popular way to share ideas. If you want to get into this great space or are just starting as a blogger, keep reading to learn about common blogging mistakes and how to avoid them.

What Exactly Is A Blog?

What is a blog: Common Blogging Mistakes
What is a blog: Common Blogging Mistakes

The word “blog” comes from the words “web log,” which is an excellent way to describe what it is all about. It is a website where people write their thoughts, ideas, and information. Simply put, you would have a blog if WhatsApp fullbacks were fact-checked, edited better, and arranged in a way that made sense to the reader.

Blogs aren’t just for jokes, though. They can be a way for people to express themselves, a source of information, or even the basis for marketing and advertising for big companies. So, you’re looking for natural remedies for illnesses, reasons to skip work, or the ability to create a start-up. In that case, you’re almost sure to find blog content.

9 Most Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Not Spending Time On Research

Research is essential to writing a blog post, and not doing enough of it is one of the most common blogging mistakes beginners make. Add facts and numbers to your article to make it more credible.

A study says that blogs are one of the best ways to talk to each other online. So, you must cite reliable sources and add links to them. This will ensure that your readers have enough support when arguing with their friends at the water cooler.

Also, try not to fill your blog with links and statistics because that takes attention away from the main point. There are no hard and fast rules, but ensure you only add relevant statistics. This is one of the most common blogging mistakes bloggers make, but it’s easy to miss if you write for many blogs.


Plagiarism is some of the worst things that bloggers can do. First, this is a lousy blogging significant error because you could get in trouble with the law for plagiarism. Second, blogging is crowded, and the best way to get ahead is to ensure your posts are unique and helpful.

You can use stats and numbers as long as you cite them. Sometimes, your work might be similar to other articles without being a direct copy, so it’s best to run it through a copyright infringement check before you publish it.

Lacking Personality

When making their activity their own, bloggers often mistake putting on a persona that isn’t true to who they are. Your pieces of content should show who you are as a person. You don’t want the person reading to feel like they are following directions.

Blogs are places to be creative, so let your creative side shine. It makes writing fun and reading fun for those reading your writing. As a writer, knowing what tone you should use is essential. A more formal article, like a business blog post, would give you less room to show your personality than a more casual one.

Being Opinionated And Overly Emotional

Even though your personality needs to come through, unless your blog is about you, you shouldn’t make the article about yourself. If not, try to talk less about your life experience or opinions and be fair.

Most of the time, especially at first, customers will join your page to learn something, not to know about you. It would help if you never said terrible things about anyone or anything. Besides getting you into trouble, it could make you less popular, lead to trolling, and hurt the number of people who read your blog.

Bland And Unappealing Content

A study found that 73 percent of blog readers only read essential parts of the post. Add headings, subheadings, and bulleted or numbered marks as often as possible to make it easier. Put in pictures that go with the text to break up the monotony. Most importantly, avoid repeating points, a common blogging mistakes, and don’t type long sentences to increase the word count.

Grammar Mistakes

Grammar mistakes are one of the worst things you can do on your blog. Even though the article’s tone may be casual, the grammar must be correct. Not only does terrible punctuation and syntax hurt the article’s credibility, but it also makes the content harder to understand. The best method to fix these issues is to use apps like Grammarly.

Not Being More Relatable

Bloggers often mistake making their posts heavy on information instead of rich in information. Even though the difference between the two seems small, it means a lot. Your writing needs to be easy for the audience to understand.

Rushed Writing

Remember that writing is a creative activity, so take your time with your articles and keep your creative spark. To avoid this blogging mistake, outline your paper before you begin writing. When you hurry, you’re operating, and most of the above things suffer.

If you can’t think of anything to write, take a short break to do chores or exercise. Before you publish your article, you should look it over twice or three times. An editorial schedule can also help you track your time and content better and avoid writing when rushed.

Ignoring Customer History

If you are trying to write a blog post for a client, whether an individual, a brand, or an organization, take time to understand their product or service, goals, mission, and values. Once you’ve figured out what it means, add it to the article. For example, if you have been hired to promote services provided by a non-profit company, try highlighting the service and the organization’s charitable nature.

If you avoid all these blogging mistakes, you can become a great blogger who gets traffic from search engines. Don’t worry if you get used to it slowly. Blogging is an art that you have to work at. Remember to have fun and learn about yourself while you’re doing it.


So, That was it for todays blog post, 9 most common blogging mistakes and how to avoid them to make more out of your blogging business. If you’re starting a blog it can be very difficult to succeed.

You always should learn from other peoples mistakes. That’s why we have put together these 9 mistakes to avoid. So, next time creating a blog post make sure to avoid these errors.

Thanks for reading all the way through!



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