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Asia’s Largest Toy Fair Opens in Chengdu

With 2,000+ well-known domestic and foreign toy and baby products companies, 2,000+ IP, 5,000+ brands, and 500,000+ products, Asia’s largest toy fair is dazzling. Among them are Lego, Bandai, Bubble Mart, 52 toys, Minions, Transformers, Pokémon, which are very popular among Generation Z…

From November 1st to 3rd, the 20th China International Toys and Educational Equipment Exhibition was held in West China International Expo City, Chengdu. This exhibition includes the 20th CTE China Toy Exhibition, CLE China Licensing Exhibition, CKE China Baby Products Exhibition, and CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition (referred to as the Four Exhibitions of China Toy Association). This exhibition is also one of the subject exhibitions for the first China (Sichuan) International Panda Consumption Festival, which will present all of the most recent trends from the industry’s various industries in one place.

The exhibition is divided into 13 venues, including art and museums, science and technology, cartoon animation, international IP, video games, comprehensive infant and preschool education, local exhibition groups, trendy toys, collectible toys, DIY educational toys, etc. including multiple categories. Various brands and enterprises have successively launched the latest products and future cooperation plans, from which we can also see several major new features of the toy industry in 2023.

The Toy Interaction Experience Is Richer, And More Emphasis Is Placed On Independent Creativity

Interactive experience has always been one of the core competitiveness of the toy industry, and the intelligent application of toys has become an inevitable trend in the development of this industry. For major brands, it is necessary and effective to tap the potential of the interactive toy market to attract customers. At the exhibition site, we also saw the application of interactive experience scenes, such as the interactive system of the gravity orbit ball exploration version of the German brand Ravensburger – the vertical construction version of the starting set, players can personalize according to their own needs. Build tracks and use the principles of gravity, momentum, and magnetism to complete the game.

At the same time, some indoor and outdoor equipment, preschool toys and books and reading materials are also full of intelligent applications in the preschool and infant complex venues. Through children’s hands-on operations, the fun and sustainability of educational games are stimulated. Some parents present said that the educational games that children can play are not only rich and varied, but also take into account practice and thinking. Everybody loves the design.

The independent and creative features of products are also ubiquitous in this exhibition. Whether it is the original IP launched by trendy toys and collectible toys, or the joint series launched by brands, original design is a highlight. Among them, the science and technology national trendy IP authorized toys launched by Senbao Building Blocks in Chenghai, Guangdong have highly restored the appearance of Tianhe’s core cabin; A variety of core IPs and authorized products including Felix the Cat; Sunac Culture also brought its core IPs such as “Ari” and “Luo Xiaohei” and their derivative toys, books and picture books and other products.

Trendy And Collectible Toys Have Diversified Categories, And Museum IPs Have Successfully Emerged From The Circle

As Generation Z has gradually become a new force in society, the toy consumer market has also ushered in new changes. Some personalized, diversified, and niche products have attracted much attention, and design products including collectible figures, models, and blind boxes once set off a wave among young people. Li Jia, a trendy play enthusiast born in the 2000s, said, “There are many and rich collections of toy brands in this exhibition. When I saw the booth looking for unicorns, I couldn’t mention how happy I was. I like collecting figures and blind boxes very much, especially It’s BOB’s products that are hard to get, but this time we can feast our eyes.”

B.DUCK, FARMER BOB, looking for unicorns, SNOOPY, Vivicat, POP MART, 52 toys, Pokémon, Hello Kitty, Doraemon, World of Warcraft… There are countless trendy toys and collectible toys in this exhibition. Each booth presents a variety of categories including blind boxes, figures, models, sculptures, practical daily necessities, art posters, etc., attracting many participants to stop and learn.

At the same time, well-known museums at home and abroad, including the Palace Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, National Treasure, British Museum, Louvre Museum, etc., have also successfully entered the circle with IP products, bringing a lot of information about Chinese traditional culture and national trends (Hanfu, Beijing Opera), Chinese traditional architectural features, foreign art treasures and other related products. China Aviation, China Lunar Exploration and China Aerospace have also presented a lot of “big power and heavy weapon” content full of technological sense.

Sichuan Elements Can Be Seen Everywhere, And Local Pavilions Organize Groups To Make Efforts In The Southwest Market

Another feature of this exhibition is inseparable from Chengdu, Sichuan Province where it is held, that is, the elements of giant pandas and Sanxingdui have become a constant source of inspiration for designers of major trendy toy brands.

In the 52 toys exhibition area, a giant panda is sitting lazily on the ground, and beside it is a blind box display area composed of many red panda figures. According to reports, this is the IP product Panda Roll created by the brand based on the inspiration of the giant panda in Chengdu. Its “human design” is an 8-month-old baby panda. In another exhibition area, ToyC!ty, a naive panda MR:PA also appeared in various shapes, and the pictorial wall, blind box, and dolls were particularly eye-catching. The Sanxingdui small TV showcase in the bilibili exhibition area also attracted many viewers to stop and watch. It can be seen that the “panda element” and “Sanxingdui culture” have been greatly used and disseminated.

In addition to citing IP images to empower products, some companies have achieved the goal of expanding the southwest market through cooperation with the Sichuan government and Sichuan enterprises.

Among them, the Universal brand not only displays many of its IP products in its exhibition area, but also expresses that it will reach a strategic cooperation with the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism to combine Sichuan’s cultural tourism resources with the content of the Universal brand, develop more products in the future, and open up Southwest China. market. In addition, local pavilions in Dongguan, Guangdong, Ningbo, Zhejiang, and Ankang, Shaanxi will also give full play to the advantages of local characteristic industries, actively reach cooperation with Sichuan enterprises, and invest in the central and western regions. Among them, the person in charge of the Ankang Pavilion introduced, “As the new capital of China’s plush toy cultural and creative industry, Ankang participated in the exhibition not only to promote but also to learn. Radiation and influence continue to expand, and Ankang’s cultural and creative industry hopes to deeply integrate with Chengdu in terms of chain investment promotion, digital empowerment, cross-border cooperation, brand cultivation, and market expansion, so as to make the industry bigger and stronger.”

According to reports, more than 20 industry events will be held during the exhibition, linking all parties in the industry chain, helping industry companies to achieve global precision trade docking, and promoting high-quality and sustainable development of the industry. At the same time, the exhibition also held online exhibitions simultaneously on the three digital platforms of “China Game Association 365 Cloud Exhibition”, “CSI Certified Supplier System” and “IP365X”.



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