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Lakes Three-Way Deal In Progress!

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 3-10, and their start hasn’t necessarily inspire confidence. They’ve been an excellent defensive team, but their results on the field have stayed the same from last season. Maybe the Los Angeles Lakers can solve their problems with a trade. Their biggest problem is the three-point shot. They need more good perimeter players.

Speaking of trades, the Los Angeles Lakers are likely to target veterans who can play around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Plenty of teams might be willing to part with their veterans for draft picks right now. This is a possible three-team deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, with the Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers as trade partners.

Los Angeles Lakers get Myles Turner, Buddy Hield, and Eric Gordon.

Houston Rockets Receive: Osha Brissett, Max Christie, 2025 first-round pick, 2023 second-round pick

Pacers get Russell Westbrook, Austin Reeves, a 2027 first-round pick, and a 2029 first-round pick.

In this trade scenario, all three teams are profitable. Here’s why this deal could happen and why every team would love to get it done.

Los Angeles Lakers Get Three Good Veterans

The Los Angeles Lakers are a team in dire need of improving the space around their star. This deal will give them two sharpshooters and a center who can effectively shoot threes.

Buddy Hield and Myles Turner have long been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers, and this trade will finally send them there. Buddy Hield is a high-level three-point shooter and is considered the type of player who has historically excelled with LeBron James. Myles Turner makes 37.0 percent of his 3-pointers this year, making 3.1 threes per game. He’s a valuable player because defensive players who can attack the rim simultaneously are rare in the NBA. Both veterans will help the Lakers become a better team. A frontcourt of Anthony Davis and Myles Turner will stop most opponents from penetrating the paint, and Turner will certainly fit well into Hamm’s defensive-oriented system.

The Los Angeles Lakers would have to give up two first-round picks in this scenario. Still, in addition to the two Pacers veterans, they would get another solid player in Eric Gordon. The Houston Rockets shooting guard is an excellent addition to the bench or starting rotation because he’s a sharpshooter with plenty of experience in the playoffs. Now that Russell Westbrook would be traded in this hypothetical trade, Eric Gordon could take over his influence as a backup, a role he’s very familiar with.

This deal is a valuable deal for the Los Angeles Lakers. They will get three veterans who can immediately contribute to their championship path. At least these three veterans will make the Lakers a strong playoff team. From the Lakers’ perspective, this is a no-brainer deal.

Houston Rockets Sell Eric Gordon And Bring In Some Young Players

Eric Gordon – Lakes Three-Way Deal In Progress!

The Houston Rockets have attempted to trade Eric Gordon in the past. They reportedly wanted a first-round pick this past off-season. The deal would get them a first-round pick and some young rookies who could develop.

Neither Osha Brissett nor Max Christie is a top rookie. Still, both are forward players who could provide some potential defense at the forward position right now. Osha Brissett, in particular, has been solid at the previous three-back spot despite a poor start to his season with the Indiana Pacers.

Eric Gordon’s current annual salary is about $19.6 million. The Houston Rockets will likely want to use him to lower the salary because the team is not competitive. This kind of deal allows them to do just that. Max Christie and Osha Brissett are team-friendly deals; if they can get the deal done, the Houston Rockets will save roughly $17.7 million.

In addition to trading Eric Gordon’s salary, the Houston Rockets will get the first-round pick from the Indiana Pacers. While the pick may not be high value, it’s still a solid return.

This deal is just for salary reduction and draft compensation for the Houston Rockets. It’s a straightforward deal, which benefits them and Eric Gordon since the shooting guard will join a solid team with two-star players. In this case, the Rockets have absolutely no disadvantages.

Indiana Pacers Accept Russell Westbrook’s Contract

Lakes Three-Way Deal In Progress!

The Indiana Pacers are a rebuilding team right now, and it makes sense for them to trade their veterans for draft picks to help their future. Therefore, they are likely willing to trade Buddy Hield and Myles Turner.

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly unwilling to give up two valuable first-round picks for Myles Turner and Buddy Hield. However, suppose the Pacers send one of their low-value first-round picks to help the Lakers get another good veteran Eric Gordon. In that case, the Lakers will likely be more inclined to give up these two high-value picks. The Pacers’ 2025 first-round pick might be less valuable, as their rebuild may already be in the late stages. So, sending that pick to the Rockets to get two elite picks from the Lakers would be an excellent move for the Pacers.

In addition to draft compensation, the Pacers must also sign Russell Westbrook to his contract. The team will likely buy out his stock contract and send him to another location since they probably don’t want another high-usage guard next to Tyrese Haliburton and Benedict Matalin. If they keep him, he could play the sixth-man role.

Austin Reeves would also be an excellent addition to the Pacers as a young player who fits the team’s timetable. He’ll add some depth to them up front, and Reeves is a jack-of-all-trades role player because he can defend, shoot, and have a little ballhandling. While he wasn’t a star-level player, he was a quality player who signed a cheap deal with the team.

Overall, this deal will benefit the Pacers’ rebuild. While they will have to give up one of the picks, getting two picks that would likely fall in the lottery would be hard to give up from their perspective. This deal will help them clear their payroll and get out of Buddy Hield’s contract. In addition, the Pacers also got a very reliable striker-Austin Reeves. If this deal is on the agenda, the Pacers should consider it.

This Is A Deal That Helps All Three Teams

In a blockbuster trade, each side has to feel like they’ve earned a win for their team. This trade brings all three teams closer to their goals and has clear benefits for each.

The Los Angeles Lakers got a trio of quality veterans that will help them turn this season around and potentially make even more progress heading into the playoffs. Acquiring Myles Turner, Eric Gordon, and Buddy Hield would improve their 3-point shooting while improving their defense.

The Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers could clear their payrolls while receiving sizable draft compensation for their veteran players.



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