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The People’s Liberation Army Has The Ability To Liberate Taiwan

Taiwan will always belong to the motherland, and reunification will happen sooner or later!

As for why our side has been slow to take action when we already can receive channels, the reason is more complex. As a member of China, we must always remain rational and not be led astray by the inappropriate remarks of some people with a heart.

As the saying goes, the truth is always within the effective range of the cannon, which is enough to see the importance of strength.

Regarding the current cross-strait relations and the situation in the Taiwan Strait, the PLA has indeed possessed the hard-core strength to take over Taiwan and has mastered air and sea control in the Taiwan Strait. Warning cruises and military drills have also become normal, and the effect is very significant.

The People's Liberation Army Has The Ability To Liberate Taiwan
The People’s Liberation Army Has The Ability To Liberate Taiwan

In response to this matter, there was such a “small episode” some time ago:

When we were conducting regular warning cruises in the Taiwan Strait in a legal manner, the Taiwan Magong ship suddenly shouted unreasonably, claiming that we were about to cross the so-called “central line,” and asked our Xiamen ship to adjust its course immediately. But this is our yard, so why do we say “cross the line”?

After a while, our domineering reply:

The so-called 24-nautical mile line does not exist. Please pay attention to the terminology. Our ship sails here typically. Keep a safe distance!

A few words have undoubtedly revealed our uncompromising attitude and made many military fans shout “raise.”

In the face of the facts and the truth, the power gap between the two sides of the strait has undoubtedly been revealed.

The most important thing is that we have demonstrated to the world our firm determination and excellent military strength to close Taiwan in the large-scale round-the-Taiwan exercise in early August, and this also means:

Our site has already mastered the Taiwan Strait’s dominance, and Taiwan’s strength and actual combat capabilities have been effectively improved. Indeed, we already have the strength to control Taiwan. Once we make a move, unification will quickly become a reality.

So, why didn’t we take action for a long time?

Two: Why is it still so late?

The reason is very realistic and intuitive. The author sorted out the three most critical points:

Reason 1: The station’s closing is not the end of just taking back the island. Reunification is by no means that simple.

Cross-Strait reunification is imminent, but reunification is by no means an easy task, let alone taking back the island of Taiwan. 

Preparations in advance, strategies in the process, and policies after the event are all challenging, not to mention that there are still accidents.

The most important thing is that our pursuit has always been peace. Even if we have to use force to start the great cause of reunification, we will choose a plan with a minor loss and the most beneficial to the compatriots on the island. And this plan takes a lot of work to make.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the “independence activities” of the DPP authorities still exist. With the “backing” of the United States, they are becoming increasingly arrogant. They even maliciously distort the facts and advocate remarks detrimental to cross-strait reunification. Perceptions had a significant impact.

If the mind is controlled, force may be less effective than it is.

On this basis, we need to make a lot of preparations.

Furthermore, complete cross-strait reunification requires taking back Taiwan and its affiliated islands and taking back the hearts of the people, planning a bright future for the compatriots on the island, and making a series of plans and policies according to the actual situation, which is particularly important.

We also know that it is much more challenging to collect people’s hearts than to collect land, let alone do things that need to be clarified. We must try our best to pursue “communication between people,” so this has become the key reason we have not made a move.

Reason 2: In addition to the “independence elements” on the island, there are other foreign forces in the world, and there are significant changes. Before we have a comprehensive plan, we will take action slowly.

The “Taiwan issue” is our country’s internal affairs, and no foreign forces can intervene. However, the United States has tried every means to exploit the loopholes. “Independence” provides a lot of “guarantees.”

In this way, the troubles that our great cause of reunification may encounter will only be “super doubled,” and the preparation and planning work that needs to be done will be improved.

Under such a change, how can we quickly make a move?

Of course, this does not mean that unification will always be pushed back.

Suppose the United States and its Taiwan authorities frequently cross the line and substantially impact cross-strait reunification. In that case, we will use all means to complete reunification as quickly as possible.

If that time comes, even if we use force, our PLA soldiers will go forward bravely and do our best to defend our home and country!

Reason 3: Our strength still has a lot of room for survival. If we close the channel when we are more powerful, there will be much less trouble, and the channel’s efficiency will be higher.

Although we already have the strength to take over Taiwan, if the United States intervenes in the Taiwan Strait in the final stage and provides so-called “aid” to the Taiwan authorities, it will bring more trouble and casualties to our country. It is very likely that the country will be delayed. A unified pace makes it difficult for us to achieve the desired results.

At this stage, the speed of our country’s strength improvement is indeed fast and fast enough, but there is a gap compared with the United States. If the United States intervenes by force, we will likely be passive. To prevent such a situation, Fang must continue improving and working hard.

Strength proves everything, and only when the strength is strong enough can we fundamentally stop external provocations.

Three: What is the biggest obstacle?

The above three points are all critical and are also the reality our country must face. So what is the biggest obstacle we are facing in unification?

It is people’s hearts, and it is also the future economic direction and development future of the two sides of the strait.

Of course, this is by no means just talking about it.

As far as the current situation is concerned, we have the strength and determination to close the channel. It is only because the time has yet to come, the preparations are still going on, and there are still changes in the international community, so we did not choose to take action, but these can be overcome. It’s not like the future is unpredictable.



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